Moving is a stressful time for most people.  Many have questions that they are just not sure about.  Listed below are the most frequent questions that we get, as well as our advice for the situation.  We hope these help.  If you have more questions or want to contact us directly, please click on the “Contact Us” icon on the home page.  We hope these help in taking a little stress out of the moving process for you.

Q:  With all of the moving companies out there, why should we choose you?
A:  Janek Moving has been in business since 1951.  No company stays in business for over 50 years unless it continues a good reputation in the community.  It has always been a family-owned and family-operated business.  What that means to you is that this business is our life, and we understand that if you are not satisfied, we loose not only  your business, but we loose your recommendation to your family and friends.  We always tell people to meet with all potential movers, or at least talk in detail with them.  Get to know who will be moving your possessions.  There are plenty of moving companies out there, so be comfortable with the person(s) in charge before you commit.  We will work at making your moving experience a pleasant and worry-free one.

Q:  How will my items be protected?
A:  All items will be wrapped with heavy moving blankets.  In addition, we shrink-wrap the blankets to your furniture.  This ensures two things:  first, the blankets and pads stay on your furniture.  Second, it keeps furniture sturdy as well as keeping all drawers and doors in place.  By shrink-wrapping the blankets to your furniture, you are assured that your items will not be damaged during loading, unloading, and transportation.

Q:  Do I have to unload all my dressers and chest of drawers?
A:  You can leave items in drawers.  Since we shrink-wrap the drawers shut, nothing will be able to fall out of your drawers.  Actually, most furniture rides better if there is some weight in the drawers:  it cuts down on the vibration.  The only exception to this is on very old and/or antique pieces-you want to make sure the piece in question is structurally-sound.

Q:  What do I do with my refrigerator and freezer items?
A:  Generally, we load all refrigerators and freezers last.  This means that they will be the first to be unloaded.  Your items will be good for several hours, so most customers usually keep all freezer items in place.  Refrigerator items will need to be secured, of course.  Keeping non-breakables in the crispers is fine, but make sure all shelves are free of any loose items.

Q:  How do you charge?
A:  We charge by the hour.  Rates vary based upon many things: the amount of crew members, how far you are going, the size of your house, whether you are a business or a residence, etc.  The other ways to charge are by the piece and by the weight.  While there are pros and cons to hourly-charging, the fact is that you can better budget yourself with hourly rate, and we will do as much or as little as you wish.  To contact someone to find out about rates, click on the “Contact Us” icon on the home page.

Q:  Is there a deposit?
A:  We do not require a deposit.  All we ask for is that you adhere to the moving date that is set up for you.  We greatly appreciate you contacting us in advance if you decide to cancel your move.  We will be there as promised, we just ask for the same courtesy.

Q:  Do you carry insurance?
A:  Yes, we carry insurance and have with the same company for about ten years.  Our company is Jones Truck Insurance, a very reputable and dependable insurance agent.

Q:  Do you pack?
A:  Yes, we do offer packing service.  We will pack as much or as little you want us to.   Also, we will use your boxes or our boxes when packing your belongings.  Most customers feel more comfortable with females packing their items, so we have several women along with the crew who will pack your belongings.

Q:  What happens if my move date suddenly changes?
A:  With closing time changes and last minute problems in construction, etc., your moving date may suddenly change.  The important thing is that you are on the schedule.  If you are, then we can work out a time that works for everyone.  Many schedules have to come together in the moving process; don’t worry about moving.  We will work out something that best fits your schedule.